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John Ellis
2 min readDec 10, 2021


I sent this note out to subscribers this morning. It may solve your holiday “gifting issues!”

Dear News Items reader,

Time is running out! The supply chain is snarled. Hundreds of popular gift items are in containers on ships anchored near the Port of Los Angeles. It’s a gift-giver’s nightmare.

Fortunately, there is a solution: An annual subscription to News Items. It’s smart, it covers a lot of ground, the science and tech items are hard to find anywhere else, the political coverage is global, it’s real news. And it’s in everyone’s in-box first thing (if you live in the United States).

With the 2022 mid-term election approaching, it will also feature a political podcast — details to follow. And there will be a second podcast — What Happens Next? — that will feature interviews with really interesting people you’ve probably never heard of and some that you have.

In addition to that, I will continue to write political commentary (foreign and domestic) as well as the occasional “column” on finance, science or technology.

It’s the deal of the century. That’s the way I would describe it. So would others who wish to remain anonymous at this time.

And it’s fast. You click on the button below, enter your friend or family member’s email address, enter your credit card information and hit “send.” And you’re done.

Here’s the link to subscribe:

If you do “gift” an annual subscription, I would advise you to push back the first delivery of News Items to 10 January, as I am on vacation from Christmas Eve through New Years weekend and am having shoulder surgery on 6 January. Thus 10 January assures uninterrupted delivery. When you click on the gift button below, you’ll see how to do that.

If you are giving News Items to someone with an .edu or .mil email address (student or military service member), please contact me at and I will send you that “gift link.” The price for .edu and .mil gift recipients is $60 (40% off the “civilian” cost).

Thank you for subscribing. Have a great holiday.

All best — John Ellis



John Ellis

Founder and Editor, News Items. Political analyst. Founder of and contributing editor to Bird News Items. Former columnist for The Boston Globe.