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  • Charles McGuinness

    Charles McGuinness

    I've been part of the world of high-tech since the era of disco, which gives me a skeptical view of today's new hotness. Opinions are my own, not employers.

  • Bo Pearl

    Bo Pearl

  • Lnr Partners

    Lnr Partners

    Stock trading,risk management,smart people, fun with family,working out

  • Timwaterson


  • JP Hughes

    JP Hughes

    Immuno-Oncology; Tri's/Running; Beetle Cats; College Football; Go Irish! (For craft beer talk: @koelschip)

  • david obront

    david obront

  • Jeff Hauser

    Jeff Hauser

    My views alone on politics, TV, & sports. Try not to tweet fatherly kvelling. Run the Revolving Door Project.

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