Some bullet points:

1) The AP/Fox News/NORC survey of the Virginia electorate is here, all 19 pages of it.

2) The AP analysis of the data is here.

3) The gist of the AP’s analysis is the headline above it: “Youngkin win built by small gains in key groups.”


A couple of subscribers (to News Items) have asked what I think will happen in Tuesday’s gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

Answer: I think Glenn Youngkin, the Republican, will win in Virginia. I think New Jersey’s incumbent Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy, will be re-elected.

Obviously, I don’t know

What follows is a quick note about a political story that is more significant than it might seem. Jonathan Martin of The New York Times last night reported the following:

Calling former President Donald J. Trump “a cancer for the country,” Representative Anthony Gonzalez, Republican of Ohio, said in an…

A number of subscribers have asked about the gubernatorial recall referendum in California. Following are the basics:

(1) Election Day is 14 September, 2021.

(2) All “active” registered voters in California are eligible to vote. Every one of them has already received a ballot in the mail. All mail-in ballots…

Illusion #1: Biden is not too old.

People who have been around American politics for a long time know Joe Biden well. The eldest among them have known Joe Biden for nearly five decades. What they will tell you is that he didn’t seem to age during his two terms…

One of the staples of the 2021 political news diet is: “Whither the GOP?” Political journalists of all stripes weigh in on this subject in “big picture” analysis pieces and countless opinion columns. Various Republican “strategists” you’ve never heard of offer their views on the subject on cable news networks…

What follows is a short piece about the gubernatorial recall campaign in California. It’s taken from the Weekend News Items newsletter. To sign up for News Items, click here.

Is it possible that California will have a Republican governor this fall? Yes, it is. It’s not probable, but it’s possible.

News Items is a collection of news stories, commentaries, analyses, essays and research reports that I think are interesting or important (or both). The items are usually 2 or 3 sentences long.

The preamble to the daily dispatch describes what News Items is about:

Three baskets: (1) World in Disarray…

John Ellis

Founder and Editor, News Items. Political analyst. Founder of and contributing editor to Bird News Items. Former columnist for The Boston Globe.

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